The funeral home you select to care for your family will be an important resource as you work together to plan a service,
event or activity to remember and celebrate the life you cherish. We encourage you to call or visit area funeral homes. 
Ask the difficult questions before making a funeral home selection.  
Click here for questions to consider

We know there are differences in funeral homes and we make this promise to you:   "Our commitment to caring for you and your family will always exceed your expectations.  We pledge our very best in all we do.  I guarantee you will be pleased."   
Warren Claybar, President                         

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    Tuesday, January 10, 2017

    Join us for a delicious lunch at this FREE 1-hour workshop where you will learn about the various options and benefits of advanced planning. We will answer your questions and together explore the various ways you can protect and provide for your family now and in the future. We will examine current trends and share ways to simplify the arrangement process and save money. There is certainly no obligation ...just a great meal and important conversation. LUNCH & LEARN SCHEDULE Beaumont Area will meet on the January 10th and February 7th at the Olive Garden. Orange Area will meet on January 12th, February 9th and March 9th at Robert's Meat Market. *For reservations and locations, call Katie Mims at (409) 233-3451 Read more

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